Burn’s Night Creamy Kale Soup with ‘Salt n Sauce’ Kale Crisps

food to glow

kale soup // food to glowJust a quick – for me – post for you today. A simple, but deeply nourishing and seasonal soup to warm you up on this ‘bonnie, bricht bit awfie cauld’ day. Translation: ‘beautiful, bright but awfully cold’ day.

I am slipping into old Scots vernacular for a reason. Tomorrow, the 25th of January, is the birthday celebration of Scottish national bard (poet), Robert Burns; he who gave the world Auld Lang Syne – sung around the world as one year slips into the next – and many well-loved poems.

Many Scots around the globe will gather together tomorrow to feast, sing, dance and drink plenty of whisky in his honour.  If you ever get an opportunity to attend what is usually a quite raucous gathering to commemorate his life and works, take it. You will be in tears from both laughter and touching sentiment, and I promise you will never forget it. The moment anyone sings „My…

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